About Us

Welcome to EZYTOW UK, the experts when you need a frame for towing.

Established since 1982, we have over 38 years’ experience in Engineering and Fabrication of towing and Car Recovery Equipment. Ezytow are specialists in the manufacturing and supplying tow bars, A-frame dolly’s and accessories for towing.

Ezytow’s extensive range of products for Specialist Car Recovery Equipment, includes A-frame towing dollys, agricultural towing implements, 5 ton ratchet handles, magnetic trailer/towing lights, pressed coupling towing hitches, replacement D shackles and pin fittings and 5 ton straps, which are perfect for securing vehicles to any Ezytow tow bars and towing A-frames.

All our easy detachable tow bars and towing accessories are manufactured by ourselves on site in the UK and are fully tested and certified, so you can buy with confidence. We supply towbars and a-frames direct to the trade and direct to the general public across the UK and Europe. 

If you need an A-frame or towbar for your towing needs then you’ve come to the right place, we have hundreds of happy ‘towing customers’, who return again and again for all their towing and car recovery needs.

Why is an Ezytow A-frame towing dolly better than a trailer?

An Ezytow A-Frame is much more stable to tow with, whether you are towing with a motorhome, car or van. With an A-Frame when braking, the vehicles braking system has much more braking efficiency compared to towing a trailer.

Our A-Frame dolly’s have a lower centre of gravity and because of this they are far less likely to ‘trailer snake’!

All Ezytow A-Frame dolly’s and towbars are easy to fit, easy to store and require much less maintenance than a trailer…so you are always ready to tow!

Towing with an A-Frame

Towing a vehicle with an A-Frame, gives you the advantages of towing your car without the disadvantages of towing with a trailer. Ezytow A-Frames are very easy to attach to the vehicle, they are easy to detach and as they are compact they are simple to store… in fact you can even store them in the boot of your car so you are ready to tow, anytime and anywhere.