2 Piece Hitch to D-Link Shackle Tow Bar

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3.5 Ton Recovery Tow Pole Towing Bar With 2 Piece Hitch To D-Link Shackle Connection

  • Towing pole made from 50mm & 40mm thick walled box section steel each section can be rotated to 90° or 180° to fit towing eyes at different angles length.
  • Assembled using high tensile zinc plated locking nuts for complete safety and piece of mind and supplied in a zinc plated finish for total long lasting protection.
  • The 2pc tow pole is designed to give hitch to shackle connection.
  • This rigid steel tow bar is very heavy duty and is ideal for towing cars and vans up to 3.5 tons behind cars, vans, camper vans, RV’s and motorhomes.
  • The tow bar comes in two sections so that it can easily be stored in the boot of your car.

It can be put together in minutes making it ideal for use in emergency situations! Heavy duty chain loop welded to fixing bolt to allow quick and easy attachment to towed vehicle.

Zinc coated so will not rust like painted ones!